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The Global Nutrition Report, 2021 (GNR, 2021)

  • IAS NEXT, Lucknow
  • 29, Nov 2021
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  • The Global Nutrition Report was conceived following the first Nutrition for Growth Initiative Summit (N4G) in 2013.
  • The annual GNR 
    • Evaluates the impact of poor diets on human health and the planet,
    • Provides a concise data-focused updates on the state of diets and nutrition in the world,
    • Assesses the nutrition financing landscape and progress towards global nutrition targets.


  • At the current rate of progress, the global nutrition targets will not be achieved by 2025 globally and in most countries worldwide. The Covid-19 pandemic is impeding progress towards achieving these targets.
    • To achieve the global nutrition targets, countries must intensify and accelerate efforts to reach their commitment goals, particularly financial and impact goals.
  • Economic downturn triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, combined with disrupted food and health systems, threatens to increase malnutrition significantly in low- and middle-income countries.
    • Given these economic challenges, when donor and domestic resources are constrained by the pandemic, there is an urgent need for concessional, private sector and catalytic innovative finance.
  • The previous decade has seen little progress in improving diets, and a quarter of all deaths among adults are attributable to poor diets.
  • Food production currently generates more than a third of all greenhouse gas emissions globally, and uses substantial and rising amounts of environmental resources.
  • No region is on track to meet the Sustainable Development Goals aimed at limiting health and environmental burdens related to diets and the food system.
    • Poor diets and malnutrition should be addressed holistically and sustainably to create a healthy future for all.