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Sukhet Model

  • Vaid's ICS, Lucknow
  • 30, Aug 2021
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Why in News:

The Prime Minister has recently praised the Sukhet Model of Madubani.

What is Sukhet Model ?

  • The Sukhet Model was launched by the agricultural department as part of the climate resilient agricultural programme in 2019.
  • It is an initiative called ‘Sukhet Model” adopted by Dr Rajendra Prasad Agriculture University, Madhubani and local agricultural research centres to check pollution in villages.


  • pollution free environment in villages
  • disposal of waste in villages
  • monetary assistance to villagers for gas cylinders
  • availability of organic fertilizers to farmers.

Facts for Prelims:

 Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida is an active and very powerful hurricane that became the second most intense hurricane to strike the U.S. state of Louisiana on record, only behind Hurricane Katrina, and tied for the strongest landfall in the state by maximum winds with Hurricane Laura in 2020 and the 1856 Last Island hurricane.

nine-dash line

The nine-dash line—at various times also referred to as the ten-dash line and the eleven-dash line—refers to the ill-defined demarcation line used by the People’s Republic of China (China) and the Republic of China (Taiwan), for their claims of the major part of the South China Sea.

  • The contested area in the South China Sea includes the Paracel Islands, the Spratly Islands,and various other areas including Pratas Island and the Vereker Banks, the Macclesfield Bank and the Scarborough Shoal.
  • The claim encompasses the area of Chinese land reclamationknown as the “Great Wall of Sand“.
  • Despite having made the vague claim public in 1947, neither the PRC nor the ROC has (as of 2018) filed a formal and specifically defined claim to the area.