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  • RAOS, Jaipur
  • 22, Dec 2021
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Physiography of an area is the outcome of structure & processes and the stage of development (time). The land of India is characterized by great diversity in its physical features. 
The various Physiographic division of India are:
1. The Himalayan Mountain System:- 

  • a. Trans Himalayas : Karakoram , Ladakh, Zaskar. 
  • b. Himalayas : Great Himalayas , Lesser Himalayas & Shivalik ranges. 
  • c. Eastern Hills & Mountains : Patkai bum, Naga Hills, Manipur Hills, Mizo/Lusai Hills.

2. The Northern Plains:- 
Formed by the Alluvial deposited by the Rivers system: Indus, Ganga and Brahmaputra. 
Division: Bhabar, Terai, Alluvial Plains- Khadar and Bangar. 

3. Peninsular Plateau  

4. Indian desert
West of Aravalli Hills - Great Indian desert  
Southern part - Rann of Kutch  

5. The Coastal Plains 

  • a. Western Coastal plains 
  • b. Eastern Coastal plains. 

6. The Islands  

  • a. Andaman and Nicobar  
  • b. Lakshadweep 
  • c. Other Islands like Sagar, Elephant, Anjadip, Hope, Sriharikota etc.