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Most Important Indian Contract Act , 1872 Cases :

  • IAS NEXT, Lucknow
  • 01, Jan 2021
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Contract Cases

  1. Carlill v. Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. – General Offer.
  2. Mohori Bibi v. Dharmodas Ghosh – Contract by Minor.
  3. Hadley v. Baxendale – Compensation/ Damages for Breach of Contract.
  4. Satyabrata Ghosh v. Mungneeram – Doctrine of Frustration.
  5. Lalman Shukla v. Gauri Dutt – Communication of Offer.
  6. Balfour v. Balfour – Intention to Contract.
  7. Harvey v. Facey – The Principle given, that an information supplied to an enquiry is an invitation to treat.
  8. M/s. Bhagwandas v. M/s. Girdhari Lal – Communication of proposal and acceptance. (Place of Acceptance where Heard).
  9. Tinn v. Hoffman & Co. – Cross Offers.
  10. Fisher v. Bell – Quotation of Price.
  11. Dunlop Tyre Co. v. Selfridge & Co. – Privity of Contract.
  12. Hyde v. Wrench – Acceptance must be absolute.
  13. Philips Brook – Error of identity of person.
  14. Dutton v. Poole – Leading case of Privity of Contract.
  15. Twiddle v. Atkinson – Privity of Contract.
  16. Kedar Nath v. Gorie Mohammad – Promissory Estoppel.
  17. Smt. Asha Qureshi v. Afag Qureshi – Fraud.
  18. Darry v. Peek – Fraud.
  19. Ward v. Hobbs – Fraud.
  20. Kamal Kant v. Prakash Devi – Fraud.
  21. State of Rajasthan v. Basant Nahata – Public Policy Minor’s Contract.
  22. Burn & Co. v. Mc Donald – Employer was entitled to an injunction against the servant, who had left service during the term of the contract.
  23. Jamnadas v. Ram Avtar – Privity of Contract.
  24. Jamal v. Mulla Dawood Sons & Co. Damages.
  25. Hoch ester v. De La Tour – Anticipatory Breach of Contract.
  26. Taylor v. Caldwell – Doctrine of Frustration.
  27. Scarf v. Jardine – Novation of Contract.
  28. Damodar Mudaliar v. Secy. of State – Quasi Contract.
  29. Moses v. Macferlan – Quasi Contract.
  30. Trilok Chand Moti Chand v. Commissioner of Sales Tax – Mistake under Section 72.
  31. Madras Railway Co.v. Govind Rao – Damages for Breach. 
  32. Dominion of India v. All India Reporter Ltd. – Damages.
  33. Adomsen v. Jarvis – Contract of Indemnity.
  34. ONGC Ltd. v. Saw Pipes Ltd. – In case of breach of contract, the proof of loss not necessary when genuine pre-estimated loss is stipulated in contract.Somaiya Organics Ltd. v. State of U.P. – Unjust Enrichment.
  35. A.K. Lakshmipathi v. R.S. Pannalal – Time as Essence of Contract.
  36. Food Corporation of India v. Chandu Construction – If arbitrator acts in disregard of the contract and without jurisdiction then he commits legal misconduct.
  37. State of Kerala v. M.A. Mathai – Notice to the intentions of promisee to the promisor in case to delay in performance.
  38. Federal Bank Ltd. v. State of Kerala – Charge/Pledge by way of sale.
  39. Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services v. Vijay V Prabhu – “Liability of guarantor is coextensive with that of Principal debtors.”  
  40. E.R. Kaliban v. I.G. of Registration Channai – “Deed of cancellation of control amounts to rescission of contract & any rescission must be only bilateral.
  42. Premier Explosives Ltd. v. Chairman & Managing Director, Singareni Colleries Co. Ltd.
    • “Contract cannot be declared to have been frustrated because its performance had become more onerous on account of unforeseen circumstances.” ❖ Hyde v. Wrench – Counter Proposal.
  43. Spencer v. Harding – Tender is Invitation to Proposal.