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  • Vaid's ICS, Lucknow
  • 05, Jul 2021
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Why in News?

The LiDAR survey for Delhi-Varanasi High Speed Rail Corridor started today from Greater NOIDA .

National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited is adopting Light Detection and Ranging Survey (LiDAR) technology which provides all the ground details and data in 3-4 months wherein this process normally takes 10-12 months.

What is LIDAR Technology :

  • LIDAR is a ‘remote sensing technique’, in which an area is surveyed through laser equipment equipped in aircraft using light as a pulse laser.
  • Lidar devices include lasers, scanners and a GPS.
  • This technique is capable of producing three-dimensional (3D) maps of microscopic objects or space through short wavelengths.


  • It is used in surveys of man-made environments, rapid track of construction projects and environmental applications.
  • Low range LIDAR scanners are also being used to provide navigation facility to autonomous vehicles.

Facts for Prelims

Green Hydrogen:

Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) is investing Rs 75,000 crore in its new business focused on clean energy, which includes solar and green hydrogen.

  • The company will build four giga factories focusing on solar, storage battery, green hydrogen and a fuel cell factory, which can convert hydrogen into mobile and stationary power.

What is green hydrogen?

Hydrogen when produced by electrolysis using renewable energy is known as Green Hydrogen which has no carbon  footprint.

  • The hydrogen that is in use today is produced using fossil fuels, which is the primary source.
  • Organic materials such as fossil fuels and biomass are used for releasing hydrogen through chemical processes.