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Latest Judgements of Supreme Court

  • IAS NEXT, Lucknow
  • 02, Feb 2021
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  1. Sushilla Aggarwal & others Vs. State (NCT of Delhi) & others, S.C. 2020
    • Time limit on advance bail violates personal liberty
  2. Anokhilal Vs. M.P. State, S.C. 2019
    • Right To Free Legal Services is an essential ingredient of ‘reasonable, fair and Just’  procedure for a person accused of an offence and it    must be held implicit in the right guaranteed by Article 21of the constitution.
  3. Puneet Dalmia Vs. C.B.I. Hyderabad, AIR 2019 S.C.
    • U/S 205 of Cr.P.C. Magistrate may dispense with Personal attendance    of accused. Whenever a Magistrate issues a Summon, he may, if he sees reasons so to do, dispense with the personal attendance of the    accused and permit him to appear by his pleader.
  4. P. Gopal Krishnan @ Dilip Vs. Kerla state & others, S.C. 2019
    • The S.C. observed that recording of findings based on the sealed cover documents submitted by the prosecution as if the offence has       been committed, and using of such finding to deny bail would be against the concept of fair trial.
  5. NALSA Vs. Union of India, AIR 2014 S.C.
    • The S.C. recognized rights of Transgender as third genders. Also, ordered Govt. to treat them as minorities. Reservations in jobs,         education and other amenities shall also be given to them.
  6. Manohar Lal Sharma v. Narendra Damodardas Modi, 2018 SSC Online SC 2278
    • Centre asked to file pricing details for purchase of Rafale fighter jets.
  7. Joseph Shine vs. Union of India, 2018 S.C.
    • Supreme Court has struck down Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code, which criminalizes adultery; as unconstitutional.
  8. Swapnil Tripathi v. Supreme Court of India, 2018 SCC online SC 1667,
    • Cases of constitutional and national importance to be live streamed; Supreme Court Rules to be modified suitably: SC.
  9. Indian Young Lawyers Assn. v. State of Kerala, 2018 SCC online SC 1690,
    • Women of all age-group allowed to enter Sabarimala Temple, devotes of Lord Ayyappa do not constitute separate religious denomination.
  10. Social Action Forum for Manav Adhikar v. Union of India, 2018 SCC Online SC 1501,
    • Directions regarding the registration of FIR, arrest and bail in cases under Section 498-A IPC reiterated and modified: SC
  11. Navtej Singh Johar v. Union of India, 2018 SCC Online SC 1350,
    • Gender Identify and Self- expression basic to human dignity; Section 377 unconstitutional insofar if penalises consensual sexual acts between adults in private.
  12. Anurag Mittal v. Shaily Mishra Mittal, 2018 SCC Online SC 1136,
    • Marriage solemnized before dismissal of appeal against decree of divorce held valid on ‘purposive construction’.
  13. Shailesh Manubhai Parmar v. Election Commission of India, 2018 SCC Online SC 1040,
    • NOTA- “Idea may look attractive but its application defeats fairness ingrained in direct election”: SC
  14. Sampurna Behrua v. Union of India, 2018 SCC Online SC 928,
    • Shelter Home-SC issues directions for the protection of children in shelter homes