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International Military Council on Climate and Security (IMCCS)

  • Vaid's ICS, Lucknow
  • 25, Aug 2021
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Why in News:

The IMCCS has recently released the world climate & security report 2021.

  • The International Military Council on Climate and Security (IMCCS) is a group of senior military leaders, security experts, and security institutions across the globe dedicated to anticipating, analyzing, and addressing the security risks of a changing climate.
  • The launch of the IMCCS was announced at The HagueNetherlands, in 2019 as a response to a growing demand from military professionals for sharing information and best practices on addressing the security and military dimensions of climate change.
  • The IMCCS is administered by the Center for Climate and Security.
  • World Climate and Security report is published recently by IMCCS.
  • According to the report, the impact of climate change on water will increase the risk to global security in the next decade.
  • The report has also highlighted that forced displacement and scale of natural disasters would increase by 2040, as a result the projected conflicts within nations would increase.

Facts for Prelims:

The Kola Peninsula:

The Kola Peninsula is a peninsula in the extreme northwest of Russia, and one of the largest peninsulas of Europe.