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  • IAS NEXT, Lucknow
  • 12, Feb 2022
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The United States has said that it remains focused long-term on the Indo-Pacific region despite concerns over Russian aggression toward Ukraine. This highlights the importance of the region and the role that India has to play with regard to ensuring security of the region. 

What is Indo- Pacific?

The idea of the Indo-Pacific as a single strategic space is an outgrowth of China’s growing influence in the Indian Ocean region. It signifies the interconnectedness of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, the importance of the oceans to security and commerce.

Importance of Indo-Pacific region:

  1. The Indo-Pacific is the fastest growing region in the world, accounting for two-thirds of global economic growth over the past five years and home to half the world’s population.
  2. Peace here is important in Maintaining regional stability.
  3. China’s increasingly active presence in the Indian Ocean region as well as its efforts to expand geopolitical reach in Asia and beyond by the use of trade and military are posing challenges in the region. Hence, coordination among Quad countries is necessary.
  4. For adhering to freedom of navigation, adherence to rules-based order and stable trade environment, peace in Indo Pacific region is important.
  5. For free sea and air lanes, connectivity and upholding international rules and norms.

Role and Implications for India in the Indo – pacific region:

  • The Indo-Pacific, as described in the National security strategy, represents the most populous and economically dynamic part of the world and stretches from the west coast of India to the western shores of the United States.
  • India has always been a country with great national ambitions and is one of the most important advocates of the concept of “Indo-Pacific Strategy”.
  • With opening of economy, India has been connecting with its Indian Ocean neighbours and major maritime powers of the world.