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  • RAOS, Jaipur
  • 22, Dec 2021
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82.5 degree East longitude passes almost through middle of India and hence considered as the Standard Meridian of India or Indian Standard Time (IST) . It passes through Naini, near Allahabad. Standard time is 5 hours 30 minutes ahead of International standard Greenwich . 

Indian states through which the Indian Standard Time longitude passes: 1.Uttar Pradesh 2. Madhya Pradesh 3.Chhattisgarh 4. Odisha 5. Andhra Pradesh 

Tropic of Cancer passes through 8 states: Gujarat ,Rajasthan ,Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh , Jharkhand , West Bengal, Tripura & Mizoram. 

Geographical area of the World India ranks 7th in terms of geographical area after Russia, Canada ,China, USA, Brazil and Australia. 

Total coastline (including the coastline of island) is 7515.5 kilometres. 

Gujarat has largest coastline among states because of Creeks(narrow inlet in shoreline) - 1214km. 

Overall - Andaman Nicobar - 1962 kilometres  

India is the only country after which an ocean has been named.  

Immediate neighbour Pakistan ,Afghanistan, China ,Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Bangladesh . 

Palk strait separates India mainland from Sri Lanka. 

India shares longest International border with Bangladesh 4096.7 km. Indira Point in the southernmost point of India and located in Great Nicobar Island
Important Latitudes:

  • 6 degree latitude separates Indira Point and Indonesia  
  • 8 degree latitude separates Minicoy Island and Maldives 
  • 9 degree latitude separates Kavaratti and Minicoy Island  
  • 10 degree latitude separates Andaman and Nicobar Island