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Haryana imposes ban on transportation of fodder

  • IAS NEXT, Lucknow
  • 27, Apr 2022
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The authorities in Haryana have banned inter-district and inter-state transportation of wheat fodder.

Rationale behind this move:

  • There may be a shortage of fodder for the animals in the district if the same is sent out from the district.
  • The situation is likely to worsen in future in the absence of rains.
  • More farmers opting for mustard crop in place of wheat in southern Haryana.
  • There is less than usual production of wheat because of early onset of summer coupled with an exceptional rise in mercury this year.
  • Because of geopolitical tensions amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, a perception is building that the wheat prices would increase in near future.

In this environment, the authorities want to meet local needs of fodder before allowing the same for other states. 


The decision has drawn sharp criticism from the farmer groups and the Opposition.

  • Farmer groups say, the authorities are not allowing the farmers to earn profit by selling their fodder at higher prices when they are already hit by low production of wheat this year.