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Harappan site of Rakhigarhi

  • IAS NEXT, Lucknow
  • 10, May 2022
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  • It is a Harappan site in Haryana’s Hisar district
  • Rakhigarhi is the largest Harappan site in the Indian subcontinent
  • The site is located in the Sarasvati river plain, some 27 km from the seasonal Ghaggar river
  • At Rakhigarhi, the excavations are being done to trace its beginnings and to study its gradual evolution from 6000 BCE (Pre-Harappan phase) to 2500 BCE.


Ongoing Excavation

  • The excavation have revealed the structure of some houses, lanes and drainage system, and what could possibly be a jewellery-making unit
  • The ASI has also has also revealed pieces of copper and gold jewellery, terracotta toys, besides thousands of earthen pots and seals at excavation
  • The noteworthy antiquity found at both the mounds (1 & 3) include steatite seals, terracotta unbaked sealing with relief of elephants and Harappan script.

Previous excavation – Major findings

  • A cylindrical seal with 5 Harappan characters on one side and a symbol of an alligator on the other is an important find from this site.
  • Animal sacrificial pit lined with mud-brick and triangular and circular fire altars on the mud floor have also been excavated that signifies the ritual system of Harappans

Findings also included blades; terracotta and shell bangles, beads of semi precious stones, and copper objects; animal figurines, toy cart frame and wheel of terracotta; bone points; inscribed steatite seals and sealings.