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Ecological Fiscal Transfers

  • Vaid's ICS, Lucknow
  • 09, Oct 2021
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Why in News?       

Center for Global Development analyzed state budgets to examine whether ecological fiscal transfers (EFTs) have impacted state forestry expenditures in a recent study.

  • EFTs is meant to reward states that protected their forests. Within the total centre-state disbursement, 5% was set aside to be divided among states based on the area of forests within states (by 14th Finance Commission).
  • Consequently, states that preserved forests stood to gain in terms of greater disbursement from the centre.
  • Based on available state budget data of 25 Indian states which accounted for 90% of India’s forest cover (as of 2013), they find that forestry budgets increased by 19% in the three years EFTs were introduced.
  • However, the authors do not attribute the increase in forestry budgets to EFTs because forest spending as a share in total state spending actually decreased by 16% post EFT.

Facts for Prelims:


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