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Digital Quality of Life Index 2020

  • Vaid's ICS, Lucknow
  • 07, Jul 2021
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Why in news?

Recently, the Digital Quality of Life (DQL) Index 2020 has been released by Surf Shark, an online privacy solutions provider.

According to it, India ranks among the lowest in the world in terms of Internet quality.


The study indexes the countries by looking at five fundamental pillars that define the digital quality of life namely-

  1. Internet affordability
  2. Internet quality
  3. Electronic infrastructure
  4. Electronic security
  5. Electronic government

Performance of other countries:

  1. Top 3:Scandinavian countries Denmark and Sweden topped the index, with Canada rounding up the top three.
  2. Israel offered the cheapest internet — calculated by considering how much time one must work to be able to afford the cheapest mobile internet and broadband.
  3. Of the total countries, 75% of them have to work more than the global average to afford the internet.
  4. Singapore, the UK and the USperformed the best on the e-government indicator — arrived at by checking the state of government’s online presence and readiness to employ artificial intelligence technology and help “minimise bureaucracy, reduce corruption and increase transparency of the public sector”.
  5. The UK, France and Lithuania offer the most security —cyber security and status of personal data protection.
  6. Best Internet Quality- Singapore, Sweden and the Netherlands.
  7. The UAE, Sweden and Denmark have the most developed e-infrastructure.

India’s performance:

  • Of 85 countries, India ranked 9th on the internet affordability indicator, and 15th on e-government.
  • Overall, India is ranked 57th.
  • Internet cost- India scored the best on this parameter, leading countries like the UK, US and China.
  • e-government indicator- India secured 15th position on this, ahead of the Netherlands, China and Belgium.
  • Security- India performed poorly here, standing at 57th position.
  • Internet quality- With a rank of 78, it fell behind countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria and the Philippines.

On electronic infrastructure — focusing on active internet users and information and communications technology adoption rate — India ranked 79th, behind neighbors Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Facts for Prelims:


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