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Citizen-Centric Police

  • Vaid's ICS, Lucknow
  • 04, Apr 2022
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Why in News:

The three-judge bench had studied the “distortions and aberrations” in the functioning of police and had given significant directions to curb it.

Reason for police reforms

  • Misuse and abuse of power by corrupt officers.
  • Political interference in crime prevention, investigation, and maintenance of public order.
  • The unholy nexus between politicians, Criminals, and corrupt officers.
  • The lack of public awareness and sustained interest in law enforcement.

The apex court directions

  • It mandated that all postings from the officer-in-charge of a police station to the head of the department should be based on merit.
  • It had directed the formation of Establishment Boards for unbiased postings, transfers, promotions, and other service-related matters regarding police officers.
  • The Union Public Service Commission had made to be involved in the selection of heads of state police forces.
  • It insisted on fixed tenure to all operational heads and giving adequate time to police leaders to implement their policies.
  • The creation of Security Commissions at the Centre and in states would ensure robust policy-making at both levels.
  • It would further protect the police from unwarranted political pressures and enabling them to concentrate on core issues.
  • The court had suggested a separation of law and order and crime investigation as it would reduce the workload of police officers.
  • The establishment of complaint authorities at district and state levels in the interest of citizen and it facilitates impartial and independent inquiry of police misconduct and harassment.

Way forward

  1. It is in the interest of all of us to pursue police reforms vigorously and to hold Union and state governments accountable for their failure.
  2. The transparent nature of the functioning of police departments apart from public security issues have to be ensured.

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