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  • Vaid's ICS, Lucknow
  • 29, Jul 2021
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Why in news?   

A Farmer Connect Portal has been set up by APEDA on its website for providing a platform for Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) and Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs) to interact with exporters.

About APEDA:

The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) was established by the Government of India under the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority Act 1985.

  • The Authority replaced the Processed Food Export Promotion Council (PFEPC).
  • APEDA, under the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, promotes export of agricultural and processed food products from India.

APEDA is mandated with the responsibility of export promotion and development of the following scheduled products:

  • Fruits, Vegetables and their Products.
  • Meat and Meat Products.
  • Poultry and Poultry Products.
  • Dairy Products.
  • Confectionery, Biscuits and Bakery Products.
  • Honey, Jaggery and Sugar Products.
  • Cocoa and its products, chocolates of all kinds.

Administrative set up:

  1. Chairman – Appointed by the Central Government.
  2. Director – Appointed by APEDA.
  3. Secretary – Appointed by the Central Government.
  4. Other Officers and Staff – Appointed by the Authority.


  • An Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO), formed by a group of farm producers, is a registered body with producers as shareholders in the organisation.
  • It deals with business activities related to the farm produce and it works for the benefit of the member producers.

Facts for Prelims:

  • Milk Tea Alliance:

It is a term used to describe an online democratic solidarity movement made up of social media users from Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan against the authoritarianism of the Chinese Government and its supporters.

  • UN75 Initiative:

Launched by the United Nations in 2019, it aims to build a global vision for the year 2045 by initiating a dialogue and action on how we can build a better world despite the many challenges we face.