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US not trying to transform China, looking for ways to co-exist: National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 08, Nov 2021
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The United States is no longer trying to transform China and is looking for ways to co-exist, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told the CNN broadcaster. The US and China are engaged in talks over the Trump trade deal, the Adviser to President Joe Biden said. 

The talks cover not only duties on goods, but also the entire scope of the trade relations, Mr Sullivan said.

One of the errors of previous approaches to policy towards China, in his opinion, was a belief that through US policy, the Chinese system will fundamentally transform. 

Mr. Sullivan said, the goal of America's China Policy is to create a circumstance in which two major powers are going to have to operate in an international system for the foreseeable future.

He added that Washington will make sure that these terms answer the interests of the US and its allies and will shape the international rules of the road according to its values.

Sources : News On Air