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UK PM Boris Johnson says situation at Russia-Ukraine border increasingly alarming

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 31, Jan 2022
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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that the situation on Ukraine's border with Russia is increasingly alarming. In a tweet, the British PM urged Russia to engage in negotiations and avoid a reckless and catastrophic invasion.

Foreign Secretary of United Kingdom Liz Truss has said, the British government will introduce new legislation to broaden the scope of sanctions it can apply to Russia in an effort to deter aggression towards Ukraine. She warned that, there is a real threat of Russia invading Ukraine, but it is very unlikely British soldiers would be deployed to fight in any conflict. Instead, she said the UK was sending weapons to Ukraine and strengthening its sanction system. She told that they are doing all they can, through deterrence and diplomacy to urge Russia to desist.

Russia has placed about 100,000 troops, tanks, artillery and missiles near Ukraine's border, but denies it plans to invade the former Soviet republic, which borders both Russia and the EU.

Sources : News on AIR