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Two-day festival of flowers, vegetables and horticulture organised in Varanasi

  • 23, Feb 2021
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In Varanasi, two-day festival of flowers, vegetables and horticulture was organised in which many organisations, nurseries and government departments participated. Our correspondent reports that locals enjoyed the beautiful creation of cut flowers, ornamental and medicinal plants, fruits, vegetables and flower decoration for two days.

Banarsi Pan and langda (लंगड़ा) mango varieties of Varanasi, beautifully made by flowers, became the main attraction for the people. It was the ninth divisional horticulture and vegetables festival in which farmers, government institutions and registered nurseries owners from neighbouring districts participated in 16 categories.

Deputy Director of Horticulture Munna Yadav told AIR news that the aim of the festival was to promote awareness for the environment and motivate the farmers of the region. The festival was inaugurated by the mayor of Varanasi Mridula Jayaswal on the first day and on the second day prizes were distributed by state minister Ravindra Jaiswal.

Sources : News on AIR