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Three new heatwave hotspots in India

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 08, Sep 2021
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  • A team of researchers from Mahamana Centre of Excellence in Climate Change Research at Banaras Hindu University studied the change in spatial and temporal trends in Heatwaves (HW) and Severe heatwaves (SHW).
  • North-Western, Central, and further to south-central region of India are the new hotspot of intense heatwave events over the past half-century
  • The study showed a shift in the Spatio-temporal trend of HW events from the eastern region of Gangetic West Bengal and Bihar to North-Western, Central and further to south-central region of India
  • The research also observed an alarming southward expansion and a spatial surge in SHW events 
  •  Dense population with an intensive outdoor work culture calls for an equitable heat resilient mitigation and adaptation strategies covering each section of the society depending on their vulnerability
  • To mitigate future disastrous implications of exacerbated heat extremes and frame adequate adaptation measures in the wake of possible emergence of new hotspots, evaluation of regional climate models (RCM) over the Indian subcontinent to find the best performing RCM is needed.