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PM Modi greets NDRF on their Raising Day

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 19, Jan 2022
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has greeted the National Disaster Response Force on their Raising Day. In a series of tweets today, Mr. Modi said, NDRF teams are at the forefront of many rescue and relief measures, often in very challenging circumstances. He said, NDRF’s courage and professionalism are extremely motivating. The Prime Minister wished teams of NDRF for their future endeavours.

Mr. Modi further said, India has undertaken an effort in the form of the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure. He said, the government is working on further sharpening the skills of NDRF teams so that maximum life and property can be saved during any challenge.  

Mr. Modi also said, Disaster management is a vital subject for governments and policymakers. He said, in addition to a reactive approach, where disaster management teams mitigate the situation post disasters, the country also have to think of disaster-resilient infrastructure and focus on research in the subject.

The NDRF Raising Day is celebrated on January 19 to mark its formation. Established in 2006, the NDRF observed its 16th Raising Day this year. NDRF is world’s single largest force dedicated to disaster response.

It is a multi-skilled and high-tech force that effectively responds to all types of natural and man-made disasters, including building collapses, landslides, devastating floods, and cyclones. It is strategically deployed across the nation as per the vulnerability profile of the country.

This humanitarian force has always responded professionally in saving lives and livelihood as well as preparing communities for any calamity. Thus, justifying its motto ‘Apda Seva Sadaev Sarvatra’. The swift and effective response of NDRF during Japan Triple Disaster-2011 and Nepal Earthquake 2015 was acclaimed globally.

Sources : News on AIR