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Personality: Sir Chettur Sankaran Nair

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 07, Jul 2021
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  • Sir Chettur Sankaran Nair (1857-1934) was  an acclaimed lawyer and judge in the Madras High Court.
  •  He simultaneously opposed the extreme Indian nationalist movement led by Mohandas K. Gandhi and its forcible suppression by the British Indian government.
  • He upheld conversion to Hinduism and ruled that such converts were not outcasts.
  • He presided at Amraoti session (1897) of  Indian National Congress.
  • In 1902 Lord Curzon appointed him a member of the Raleigh University Commission.
  • Sankaran Nair was knighted in 1912.
  • In 1915 he joined the Viceroy’s Council as member for education.
  • He resigned from the council in 1919 in protest against the protracted use of martial law to quell unrest in the Punjab (Jallianwala Bagh massacre)
  • His famous book: Gandhi and Anarchy (1922)