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Pegasus Spyware: which carried out surveillance via WhatsApp

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 08, Jul 2021
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  • Developed by NSO Group Technologies, an Israeli technology cybersecurity firm
  • Pegasus delivers “a chain of zero-day exploits to penetrate security features on the phone and installs Pegasus without the user’s knowledge or permission
  • A “zero-day exploit” is a completely unknown vulnerability, about which even the software manufacturer is not aware, and there is, thus, no patch or fix available for it.
  •  Pegasus can “send back the target’s private data, including passwords, contact lists, calendar events, text messages, and live voice calls from popular mobile messaging apps”
  • The target’s phone camera and microphone can be turned on to capture all activity in the phone’s vicinity, expanding the scope of the surveillance