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Palk Bay scheme will be given a fillip

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 09, Oct 2021
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  • The Union Government is considering increasing the unit cost of deep sea fishing vessels under the Palk Bay scheme to make it more attractive to fisherfolk.
  • According to Union Minister, The original unit cost of Rupees 80 lakh was “inadequate” to meet the requirements of the fisherfolk

Palk Bay Scheme

  • The Scheme was launched in July 2017 under the Blue Revolution programme.
  • The scheme is financed by the Union and the State Governments with beneficiary participation.
  • It had envisaged the provision of 2,000 vessels in three years to the fishermen of the State and motivate them to abandon bottom trawling.
  • It was planned to have 500 boats built in the first year (2017-18). Of the unit cost of each vessel (₹80 lakh), 50% would be borne by the Centre, 20% by the State government and 10% by the beneficiary, and the remaining 20% would be met through institutional financing.

Palk Bay (Palk Strait)

  • Palk Bay is a semi-enclosed shallow water body with a water depth maximum of 13 m.
  • It is located between the southeast coast of India and Sri Lanka.
  • Palk Bay is located between 8° 50′ and 10° North latitudes and 78° 50′ and 80° 30′ East longitudes.