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NTPC anchors two day BRICS Green Hydrogen Summit

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 24, Jun 2021
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  • India is hosting a summit on Green Hydrogen initiatives involving the BRICS nations. 
  • The event offers a platform to share their respective Green Hydrogen initiatives and views on how to take it to the next level in their own countries. 
  • The event will be anchored by NTPC Ltd , a Maharatna CPSU under the Ministry of Power.

Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen when produced by electrolysis using renewable energy is known as Green Hydrogen which has no carbon  footprint. 

Significance of Green Hydrogen: 

  • Green hydrogen energy is vital for India to meet its Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) Targets and ensure regional and national energy security, access and availability. 
  • Green Hydrogen can act as an energy storage option, which would be essential to meet intermittencies (of renewable energy) in the future. 
  • In terms of mobility, for long distance mobilisations for either urban freight movement within cities and states or for passengers, Green Hydrogen can be used in railways, large ships, buses or trucks, etc

Other forms of Hydrogen

Blue hydrogen

  • when natural gas is split into hydrogen and CO2 either by Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) or Auto Thermal Reforming (ATR), but the CO2 is captured and then stored. 
  • As the greenhouse gasses are captured, this mitigates the environmental impacts on the planet.
  • The ‘capturing’ is done through a process called Carbon Capture Usage and Storage (CCUS)

Grey hydrogen 

  • It is a similar process to blue hydrogen – SMR or ATR are used to split natural gas into Hydrogen and CO2. 
  • But the CO2 is not being captured and is released into the atmosphere. 

Yellow Hydrogen

Another type of hydrogen made by electrolysis is yellow, where electrolysis is achieved solely through solar power

Pink Hydrogen

Similar to green hydrogen, pink hydrogen is made via electrolysis, but using nuclear energy as its source of power.