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MSME Minister launches India Export Initiative and IndiaXports 2021 Portal

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 30, Sep 2021
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  • This initiative features an Info Portal which serves as a knowledge base for exports by Indian MSMEs with the required information related to export potential for all the 456 tariff lines along with the potential markets as well as trends in exports, export procedures and lots more. 
  • IndiaXports aims to orient MSMEs free of cost, with the objective of focussing on the untapped export potential in existing tariff lines and supporting MSMEs in order to grow the number of exporting MSMEs and increase MSME exports by 50% in 2022

Importance of MSMEs

  • Minister Shri Rane expressed confidence of India driving the export growth with the help of MSMEs and achieving the target of 400 Billion USD by this fiscal and achieving the challenging target of 1 trillion in exports by 2027
  • With more than 63 million MSMEs spread across the geographical expanse of India, MSMEs have been contributing nearly 40% of overall India’s exports, contributing to approx. 6.11% of the country’s manufacturing GDP & 24.63% of the GDP from services sector.
  • To enhance exports and ensure localization it is essential to make the country a global manufacturing powerhouse by improving India’s manufacturing base
  • To reduce the trade balance and reduce imports, MSME will play an import role and it can be done through increasing their manufacturing capabilities.