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Meeting of Group of 7 countries concludes in London with pledge to work for a more affordable COVID-19 vaccine

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 07, May 2021
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The meeting of the Group of Seven countries concluded in London with the pledge to work for a more affordable COVID-19 vaccine. Foreign Ministers from hosts Britain, plus the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan met for the first time in person in two years. The group of the most advanced economies of the world discussed what it called as the biggest current threats: China, Russia and the Coronavirus pandemic.
In a wide-ranging final communique covering the world’s most pressing geopolitical issues, including climate change and post-pandemic recovery, the group called on Tehran to release foreign and dual nationals they said were being held arbitrarily in Iranian jails. The communique said, the G7 would bolster collective efforts to stop China’s coercive economic policies and to counter Russian disinformation. It also threatened the Myanmar military government with fresh sanctions.
On the Coronavirus pandemic, the G7 pledged to work with the industry to expand the production of affordable COVID-19 vaccines. They said the work would include promoting partnerships between companies, and encouraging voluntary licensing and tech transfer agreements on mutually agreed terms.
This week’s meeting set the tone for the G7 leaders’ meeting in Cornwall, southwest England, next month, at which US President Joe Biden will make his international appearance for the first time after becoming the President.

Sources : News on AIR