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Laser-based clad coating technology (LCCT)

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 08, Oct 2021
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  • Indian Scientists have developed a unique laser-based clad coating technology (LCCT) that provides improved protection to the boiler parts in thermal power plants.
  • It can enhance the life of boiler parts by 2- 3 times compared to currently use surfacing technologies.

Laser Cladding

  • Laser cladding is a technique for fusing a coating material on a substrate.
  • It allows materials to be deposited accurately, selectively, and with minimal heat input into the underlying substrate.
  • This process allows for property improvements of the surface of a part, including better wear resistance, thus allowing for the repair of damaged or worn surfaces.
  • The LCCT has been developed with a meticulous fusing of a Nickel-based soft matrix with hard metallic carbide particles of (tungsten, chromium, or vanadium) on steel parts by employing a high-power laser integrated into a multi-axis robot with process monitoring and control.