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Landslips in Himachal Pradesh

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 13, Aug 2021
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Himalayas are the young fold mountains or V-shaped valley, caused by the collision of Indo-Australian plate with the Eurasian plate.

Natural reasons of Landslips

  • Earthquakes: Earthquakes are often in Himalaya region which causes loosening of soils that further leads to landslides.
  • Rainfall: Heavy rainfall also leads to soil erosion and landslides in the Himalayas.
  • Slope: The steep and sharp slopes of the Himalayan mountains is one of the major reasons for frequent landslides compared to other regions in India.

Man Made Reasons of Landslips

  • The Jhum Cultivation, also known as slice and burn type of cultivation is frequently practiced in the Himalayan region, causes landslides.
  • Cutting of trees- Himalayan region reserves a wide diversity of trees and this availability of trees led to indiscriminate chopping of trees.
  • Illegal mining and industrial activities also are the major causes of landslides in this region.