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ISRO to provide world a solar power calculator application that can measure solar energy potential of any region

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 03, Nov 2021
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that Indian Space Research Organisation- ISRO will soon provide the world a solar power calculator application that can measure solar energy potential of any region across the globe.

Speaking at the session on Accelerating Clean Technology Innovation and Deployment of the global COP-26 Summit in Glasgow, Mr Modi said, through this calculator, solar power potential of any place in the world can be calculated based on satellite data. Mr Modi said, this application will be useful in deciding the location of solar projects and will strengthen 'One Sun, One World and One Grid' initiative. He said, solar energy is totally clean and sustainable and the challenge is that this energy is only available during daytime and dependent on the weather. He said, 'One Sun, One World and  One Grid' is solution to this problem and through a worldwide grid, clean energy can be transmitted to anywhere and anytime. The Prime Minister said, this creative initiative will not only reduce the carbon footprint and cost of energy, but will also open a new avenue of cooperation between different regions and countries.
Mr Modi pointed out that use of fossil fuels made some countries prosperous, but it made the Earth and environment poor and the race for fossil fuels also created geo-political tensions and  today technology has given us a great alternative.

The Prime Minister said, ever since life originated on Earth, the life cycle of all living beings and their routine has been linked to the sunrise and sunset and as long as this natural connect has continued, our planet remained healthy. But in the modern era, man in the race to overtake the cycle set by the sun, disturbed the natural balance and caused great damage to his environment, he added. Mr Modi stressed that if we are to re-establish a balanced life with nature, the path will be illuminated by our Sun and we will have to walk along with the Sun again to save the future of humanity.

Sources : News On Air