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International students from 200 universities across China again demand a clear date for their return

  • 10, Feb 2021
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International students from over 200 universities across China have again demanded a clear date for their return to their universities who have been stuck outside the country for the last one year. Venting out their frustration and despair in another open letter, they argued that they can not keep paying school fees for online degrees which will not be recognized in their countries. 

They said, students are planning a demonstration on NO RETURN, NO SCHOOL FEES without giving any further details about it. The letter posted on Twitter, part of their campaign for their phase-wise return, appealed to Chinese authorities to allow them as epidemic control measures for travelling are already in place.

AIR Correspondent reports, foreign students also said, they are ready to take COVID tests, antibody tests and even vaccination, if that helps them to return. They say, online studies are not practically possible and these will not be recognized in their countries. They further argued that US, Europe, Australia are calling back students, then China can also call the international students back. 

They said, it is beyond comprehension that China is showing its inability to include a small number of international students compared to the massive efforts it has shown in tackling the pandemic. A similar letter posted last month had demanded that their case may be treated like an education emergency and they be allowed to come back like other international travelers and business people as their future is already in jeopardy.
Chinese Foreign Ministry on Tuesday without giving any plans for their return said that the pandemic is still severe and countries formulate epidemic prevention measures according to their national conditions. It said, China would study the return of foreign students to resume their study. However, it is not yet clear whether China will take any favorable decision after 15th March, the deadline for latest travel restrictions owing to the Spring festival.

Sources : News on AIR