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Indian Coast Guard rescues seven fishermen from a burning boat off Gujarat coast

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 08, Nov 2021
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Indian Coast Guard has said that its Ship Arush, while on patrol close to notional International Maritime Boundary Line rescued seven fishermen from burning boat Kalash Raj yesterday in coordination with other fishing boats in the area.

The boat reportedly caught fire due to fuel leakage from engine exhaust. Ship Arush under the command of Commandant Ashwini Kumar arrived with maximum speed at the scene of fire and quickly engaged in firefighting operations. However, due to rapid spread of fire, the boat could not be salvaged and ultimately sank.

The rescued crew, who were exhausted and visibly tired, were taken on board and provided with first aid and initial assistance by the Indian Coast Guard ship. As the ship was on forward area patrol, the ship handed over the rescued fishermen to other fishing boat operating in the vicinity for passage to Okha in Gujarat. The boat is likely to reach Okha tomorrow.

Sources : News On Air