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India’s Organic food products exports rises by more than 50% in terms of value in 2020-21

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 28, Apr 2021
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India’s Organic food products exports rose by more than 50 per cent in terms of value in 2020-21 despite COVID-19 challenges.
Commerce and Industry Ministry said, in terms of quantity, the exports of organic food products grew by 39 per cent to eight lakh 88 thousand metric tonne during last financial year compared to 2019-20.
The growth in organic products has been achieved despite logistical and operational challenges posed by the COVID19 pandemic.  
The Ministry said, oil cake meal has been a major commodity of the organic product exports from the country followed by oil seeds, cereals and millets, tea, medicinal plant products and dry fruits.
India’s organic products have been exported to 58 countries including USA, European Union, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Switzerland, Israel, South Korea.

Sources : News on AIR