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IISc researchers find a way to substitute for single-use plastics

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 20, Sep 2021
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  • According to a report by Central Pollution Control Board of India, for the year 20182019, 3.3 million metric tonnes of plastic waste are generated by Indians.
  • that of all the plastic waste produced in the world, 79% enters the environment. Only 9% of all plastic waste is recycled.
  • While plastic waste causes one type of pollution, agricultural stubble burning is responsible for air pollution in several States.
  • researchers developed polymers using nonedible oil and cellulose extracted from agricultural stubble.
  • These polymers can be moulded into sheets having properties suitable for making bags, cutlery or containers.
  • The material so made is biodegradable, leakproof and nontoxic.
  • Non-edible Castor oil was used in this process of making the polymer which involves allowing them to react with the cellulose and diisocyanate compound.