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Govt hikes variable dearness allowance for workers in central sphere

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 22, May 2021
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Central government has notified and revised the rate of Variable Dearness Allowance (VDA) with a view to provide relief to different category of workers engaged in various scheduled employments in the central sphere.
Labour and Employment Minister Santosh Gangwar said that this will benefit about one crore 50 lakh workers.
The hike will be effective from 1st of April of the last month. The VDA is revised on the basis of average Consumer Price Index for industrial workers (CPI-IW) a price index compiled by Labour Bureau.
In case of unskilled workers engaged in Construction or building operations, the area wise revised rates per day will range from 431 rupees to 645 rupees.
For semi-skilled or unskilled supervisor, the wages to be paid in defined categories will be in the range of 505 rupees to 714 rupees.
In case of Skilled and Clerical category, it will be in the range of 609 rupees to 784 rupees and for highly skilled worker, the rate of wages will range between 714 to 853 rupees.
For unskilled workers engaged in Agriculture sector, the rate would be 372 to 411 rupees.
For semi skilled supervisor, it will be in the range of 379 to 449 rupees while high skilled will get from 449 to 540 rupees.
For Mines Employees, the revised wage rate in case of unskilled worker engaged above the ground will be 431 rupees while those engaged below the ground will get 539 rupees per day.
For semi skilled supervisor, it will be 539 and 645 rupees, for skilled, it will be 645  and 752 rupees while for Highly Skilled category, the wages will be 752 to 840 rupees.
Ministry of Labour and Employment said that the rates fixed for scheduled employment in Central sphere are applicable to the establishments under the authority of Central Government, Railway Administration, Mines, Oil fields, major ports or any corporation established by the Central Government.
These rates are equally applicable to contract and casual employees and workers.

Sources : News on AIR