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German regulators tell Facebook to stop processing user data from WhatsApp

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 13, May 2021
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In Germany, regulators told social media site Facebook yesterday to stop processing user data from its instant messaging service WhatsApp, arguing that the messaging app’s controversial new terms of service are illegal under European privacy law.
Johannes Caspar, Data Protection Commissioner in Hamburg, the city where Facebook has its German headquarters, issued an order banning the social media giant from processing German users' WhatsApp data for three months.
Mr Caspar said, in a statement, the order is intended to safeguard the rights and freedoms of the many millions of users throughout Germany who give their consent to the terms of use. He said, it is important to prevent disadvantages and damages associated with such a black box procedure.
Meanwhile, Facebook said that it is mulling its legal options and plans to appeal.
WhatsApp users worldwide have been asked to agree to new terms and conditions by 15th of May that grant Facebook sweeping access to private data.

Sources : News on AIR