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Footprints of 3 dinosaur species found in Thar desert

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 04, Sep 2021
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  • They were found near Jaisalmer’s Thaiat village.
  • It will prove the presence of the giant reptiles in the western part of the Rajasthan, which formed the seashore to the Tethys Ocean during the Mesozoic era.
  • The footprints were 200 million years old.
  • The footprints, made in the sediment or silt of the seashore, later became permanently stonelike.
  • Footprints belong to three species of dinosaurs — Eubrontes cf. giganteus, Eubrontes glenrosensis and Grallator tenuis.
  • The dinosaur species are considered to be of the theropod type, with the distinguishing features of hollow bones and feet with three digits.
  • Jan Schlogl of Comenius University in Slovakia and Grzegorz Pienkowski from Warsaw University in Poland were the first to discover dinosaur footprints in India after the ‘Ninth International Congress on the Jurassic System’ was held in Jaipur in 2014.