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Firefighters from across Europe reach France to battle massive wildfire

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 14, Aug 2022
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In France, firefighters from across Europe came to the country on Friday to battle a massive wildfire. Meanwhile, fire also raged in Portugal and parts of England faced a severe drought. The French officials said that high temperatures and a worsening drought brought a high risk of new fires breaking out in Gironde, in southwestern France.

Firefighters from Germany, Romania, Greece and beyond were on the ground to help France to extinguish fire in the region. As the media reported, much of Europe has faced weeks of baking temperatures that have also depleted water levels of the Rhine River in Germany. Earlier on Wednesday, the French officials told that a fire that destroyed thousands of hectares of tinder-dry forest in the southwest part of the country has flared again amid a fierce drought and the summer's latest wave of extreme heat.

The local media also reported that an additional 6,000 hectares of pine forest have burned in the Landiras blaze since Tuesday afternoon. It also forced the evacuation of around 6,000 people.


Source: News on Air