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Ethanol Blended Petrol (EBP) Programme

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 27, Jul 2021
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  • Ethanol is being blended in petrol to achieve the objectives of reducing import dependence, promote clean fuel and provide boost to agriculture.
  • Ethanol, an anhydrous ethyl alcohol having chemical formula of C2H5OH, can be produced from sugarcane, maize, wheat, etc  which are having high starch content.
  • In India, ethanol is mainly produced from sugarcane molasses by fermentation process.
  • Since ethanol is produced from plants that harness the power of the sun, ethanol is also considered as renewable fuel.
  • Ethanol Blended Petrol (EBP) programme was launched in January, 2003.
  • Department of Food & Public Distribution has introduced a Scheme for extending financial assistance to sugar mills for enhancement and augmentation of ethanol production capacity. 
  • Govt has directed Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) to sell 10% ethanol blended petrol as per Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) specifications.
  • The Government has advanced the country’s target of 20 per cent ethanol blending in petrol by five years to 2025, from 2030.