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Editorial: Taproots to help restore India’s fading green cover

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 05, Oct 2021
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Importance of Forest

  • Covering nearly 30% land surface of the earth, forests around the globe provide a wide variety of ecosystem services and support countless and diverse species.
  • They also stabilise the climate, sequester carbon and regulate the water regime.

Forest degradation

  • Dependence on forests by nearly 18% of the global human population has put immense pressure on ecosystems
  • The State of the World’s Forests report 2020, says that since 1990, around 420 million hectares of forest have been lost through deforestation, conversion and land degradation.
  • Nearly 178 million hectares have decreased globally due to deforestation (19902020).
  • India lost 4.69 MHA of its forests for various land uses between 1951 to 1995.

Forest Restoration

  • Restoration is bringing back the degraded or deforested landscape to its original state by various interventions to enable them to deliver all the benefits.
  • Nearly 5.03% of Indian forests are under protection area (PA) management needing specific restoration strategies.
  • India joined the Bonn Challenge with a pledge to restore 21 MHA of degraded and deforested land which was later revised to 26 MHA to be restored by 2030.
  • The first ever country progress report under the Bonn Challenge submitted by India by bringing 9.8 million hectares since 2011 under restoration is an achievement