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E-Prisons Project

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 05, Aug 2021
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  • The Scope of this project is to computerize and integrate all the activities related to prison and prisoner management in the jail.
  • e-Prisons data has been integrated with Police and Court system under the Inter-operable Criminal Justice System.

1. ePrisons MIS
Management Information System used at the prisons for their day to day regular activities

2. NPIP: National Prisons Information Portal

  • It is a citizen centric portal showing statistical data of various prisons in the country
  • Visitors can book there visit request to meet their ward inside the prison through this portal
  • Grievances with respect to their wards inside the prisons can also submitted through the portal 
  • This portal also provides with inmate tracking facilities in a secured way to various investigating agencies

3. Kara Bazaar
Portal for showcasing and selling the products manufactured in various prisons of the country by inmates.