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Data leak reveals about Pakistani politicians and generals hold billions of dollars in Swiss bank

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 22, Feb 2022
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A leak of data from a leading Swiss bank has revealed information about 600 accounts linked to 1400 Pakistani citizens, media reports said on Sunday.

Account-holders include several key politicians and generals, including the ex-ISI chief, General Akhtar Abdur Rahman Khan, according to data leaked from Credit Suisse, an investment banking firm registered in Switzerland.

A report published in a newspaper said Khan helped funnel billions of dollars in cash and other aid from the United States and other countries to the mujahedeen in Afghanistan to support their fight against the Soviet Union.

The Saudi Arabian and US funding for mujahideen fighters battling Russia's presence in Afghanistan went to the American Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) Swiss bank account, the newspaper reported, citing an Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) report.

The end recipient in the process was Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence group (ISI), [at the time] led by Akhtar, the publication quoting the report said.

The average maximum balance in accounts held by Pakistanis was 4.42 million Swiss francs, The newspaper reported.

The Pakistani publication further noted that several politically exposed persons didn't mention these accounts which they opened at a time when they were holders of public office, in their assets declaration submitted to the Election Commission of Pakistan.

Sources : News on AIR