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Bangladesh to make Unique Business ID mandatory for e-commerce entities

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 21, Jan 2022
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The Bangladesh government will make the Unique Business ID (UBID) mandatory for all e-commerce entities in the country. State Minister for Information Technology Zunaid Ahmed Palak has said that all digital commerce operators in the country will be required to register with the government using the UBID. The business entities which operate through social media platforms like Facebook will also come under the purview of monitoring through UBID, said the minister.

The government is also working to develop a Central Complaint Management System (CCMS) and a Digital Interoperable Transaction platform named ‘Binimoy’ to ensure regulatory oversight and transparency  in the e-commerce arena. 
The State Minister said that the use of these mehanisms to regulate the e-commerce sector will restore public confidence in the digital business.

Several e-commerce entities like Dhamaka, Evaly, E-orange, Sirajganj Shop etc have been shut down by the government for cheating customers over the last few months. They are alleged to have swindled hundreds of crores of public money through fake promises and non-delivery of products.

In November last year, more than Tk 2100 crore of public money was stuck in the pipeline with payment gateways as the operations of many of the e-commerce entities was shut down by the government. 

Sources : News on AIR