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Bangladesh NHRC condemns Narail attack on Hindus, orders probe

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 18, Jul 2022
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The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) of Bangladesh has condemned the recent attack on the houses and business establishment of Hindus at Digholia village of Narail's Lohagara Upazila and ordered a probe into the incident. Chairperson of the Commission Nachima Begum said that such communal attacks are not acceptable in a non-communal country like Bangladesh. She said that no one has a right to insult other religions in the name of freedom of expression and person making the derogatory comment has been quickly arrested. At the same time, nobody has a right to take law into their own hands to attack, burn and loot houses and temples. 

The NHRC has ordered an investigation into the incident to find out whether there was negligence on the part of the administration which led to the incident. The investigation will be conducted to find out why police failed to prevent attacks, arson, and looting of temples and houses of the Hindu community and legal action will be taken accordingly. 

The statement said that the attention of the National Human Rights Commission has been drawn to the news that excited mobs vandalized and looted 6 shops in a local market and set fire to a temple. Besides, 4 houses and their furniture were vandalized and looting of gold jewellery and cash has been reported. 

Several houses, shops, and temples of the Hindu community were attacked and set on fire over a Facebook post allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad at Digholia village of Narail's Lohagara Upazila on Friday.

Meanwhile, the organization of liberation war fighters Muktijoddha Manch brought out a procession and formed a human chain in Dhaka on Sunday protesting against the incident. General Secretary of the organization Al Mamun demanded setting up of a judicial commission of inquiry to punish all those involved in such incidents. President of the organization Aminul Islam Bulbul called upon the government to deal with the communal forces with a firm hand. A victim from the village in Narail said that an atmosphere of fear prevails in the village after the attack and they are still getting threats but the administration has not taken any action. He demanded action by the government to ensure the safety of the people in the area.


Source: News on Air