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Bangladesh committed to prevent incidents of attack on Hindus: Foreign Ministry

  • Integrity Education, Delhi
  • 02, Nov 2021
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) of Bangladesh has assured that the government remains committed to prevent the recurrence of untoward incidents as reported during the Durga Puja in the country. In an d position paper sent to the foreign missions, representatives of UN and international organisations in Bangladesh on Sunday, the MoFA said that the government of Bangladesh unequivocally condemns incidents of attack on Hindu religious sites and idols that took place in six districts of Bangladesh during the Durga Puja celebrations. The position paper said that the government has taken a serious note of the reactions from within and outside of the Hindu community. As an immediate response Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) was deployed in 37 districts of the country in aid of the civil administration.

The MoFA informed the foreign missions  and the international community that the perpetrators have been arrested and they are undergoing legal processes. Senior leaders visited the affected areas and assured the Hindu community members of adequate protection and compensation for the damages incurred. Cases have been filed in connection with all incidents, said the position paper.

The MoFA said that the law of the land guarantees protection to the citizens against any kind of discrimination and intolerance and enjoyment of fundamental rights by its citizens irrespective of their religious belief and ethnicity. It said that the government of Bangladesh strongly upholds that every religious community has the right to establish, maintain and manage its own religious institutions and to perform religious rituals. It reiterated that communal harmony and peaceful co-existence are cornerstones of the democratic polity of Bangladesh.

Expressing concern over ‘flurry of misinformation and blatant lies concerning rapes deaths and rapes involving the Hindu community’, the position paper says two persons from Hindu community died and none was raped. It further said that no temple was destroyed and targeting of some houses was carried due to local rivalry. It urged the media platforms to do fact-based and responsible reporting to avert further complication and misunderstanding.

Sources : News On Air