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APEDA upgrades the GrapeNet to ensure secured, scalable and cost effective interface in the exports value chain

  • 16, Feb 2021
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In a bid to ensure cyber security protection for its traceability initiative, APEDA has adopted next generation Blockchain and Cloud migration enabled GrapeNet System which would ensure a secured, scalable and cost effective interface for all the stakeholders in the exports value chain.

The GrapeNet is a web based certification and traceability software system for monitoring fresh grapes exported from India to the European Union. APEDA can trace details of the consignment right upto the farm plot level. After integration Blockchain, GrapeNet will be more secure.

On the occasion of APEDA foundation day on 13th February, 2021 the integration into Blockchain and Cloud migration has been announced.

The Blockchain will help track all the activities and steps involved in the grapes lifecycle process, right from the allocation of the farms for production of the grapes to the point of grapes being delivered to the customers. It will keep a record of all the processes involved which can be traced by the customers at the end of the chain to validate the authenticity of the grapes being provided to them. The traceability of the grapes can be done from any level. The chain of the process flow will be able to be retrieved to determine also if all the processes have been followed.

Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network. The technology is ideal for delivering that information because it provides immediate, shared, and completely transparent information stored on an immutable ledger that can be accessed only by network members. A Blockchain network can track test reports, consignments, production, and much more. And because members share a single view of the truth, they can see all details of a transaction end-to-end, giving them greater confidence, as well as new efficiencies and opportunities.

APEDA has also adopted the cutting edge cloud based infrastructure in order to attain a secured, scalable & cost effective environment for its stakeholders.

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